Hello! My name is Bob Jones. I'm a third generation Rentonite, and I've been washing windows professionally for 25 years.

A few years after graduating from Renton High in 1980 I took up a job with a construction company washing windows. From there I learned many life skills and honed my window washing abilities for many years. In my early years I worked for a variety of construction and house building companies, one of which had very intensive training sessions every single week, and taught me some of the finer points of my chosen profession.

Over the years I realized there was a market for affordable, reliable, high-quality window washing, so I  started my own company. 17 years later, I'm still serving King County with a thriving family business. Even though I give the brightest, most sparkling cleaning in the business, I keep my prices affordable by working smartly and skillfully. For example, when I was hired to clean the windows of a fire station, I ended up turning a normally 8 hour job into a 2 hour job-- with great results, and at big savings for the customer.

Everyone of my customers has their own individial needs and concerns, and you are probably no different. Maybe you have a fragile stained glass window that requires extra care, a window that it's in a high up and hard to reach place, or perhaps you have a dog that needs to be properly aquainted with anyone who's going to be visiting her home. With my personal service you don't need to worry. My two sons and I will make every effort to tailor our job to you exact specifications, be respectful to your property, and leave your windows looking crystal clear. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Pets are never an issue, and I have personally never met a dog that didn't like me.

Window washing is my passion. I enjoy driving around the area that my grandparents, parents, and I all grew up in. I love nurturing long-lasting relationships with the residents and business owners in the area. And I love making windows clean and people happy. I'd be delighted to come out to give you a free estimate and talk about your needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me.


Bob Jones